For travelers who may concern to Hue

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For travelers who may concern to Hue, the graceful former capital of Vietnam

Of Course, many travelers feel bored and fewer activities to enjoy in Hue, but it will be a heaven for people who love history and culture. Hue also impresses travelers at the first sight of its grace and poetic beauty.

Attractions you should never forget

Hue people say that there are three must-see attractions which you do not visit at least once times, it means you never truly come to Hue. They are Forbidden Citadel, Tu Duc, and Khai Dinh Royal Tombs. If you just read books and newspapers, it surprises your imagination once witnessing its mighty charm. Honestly, I am shocked before the special beauty of architecture and sumptuous palaces and tombs being worth “tons of gold and silver”. It should take one day to discover all edges of palaces in Forbidden Citadel which is super large while learning from pictures and ruins about Vietnamese royal family under feudal dynasties. There is also spending at least 1 hour on each Tomb, and listening some old stories and legends which show how these tombs were built. I just say it is amazing!

What you can enjoy and eat

It does not overstate Hue city seems to be small as your hand, it is easy to walk around the city, take photos and see how Hue residents do in daily life. Perhaps the most beautiful moments is walking on Trang Tien Bridge and seeing green water flowing fondly on Huong River in the twilight, you may feel the life is so simple, peaceful and completed at present moments. It is delighted to take a cup of coffee and listen to lovely stories of locals about their life.

Hue City is not only famous for pleasant charm but also cheap delicious foods. If you want to try some Hue authentic foods, such as Banh Beo, Banh Nam, and Banh Bot Loc, do not hesitate to visit Quan Hanh restaurant located on 11 Pho Duc Chinh Street where you can find every delicious dish. Then, if you need some sweeties, you should go ahead to some “Quan Che” near there to enjoy it with five thousand VND only; however, the most popular one is Che Hem – 17 Hung Vuong Street- it is really amazing taste with the attractive smell and not much sweet. Perhaps after a long walking, a light dinner with a bowl of Bun Bo Hue at My Tam restaurant in 24 Le Duan Street will be the best choice for all who would like to the authentic taste. Honestly, I have never eaten a delicious one like that before; even I tried a lot in many cities. Hue food is recognized one of best Vietnam food that you can taste when you travel in Vietnam.

Of course going inside city, you can go on foot, but travel to tombs or other attractions you should rent a motorbike (4 USD/per day); additionally, the beautiful scenery of green pine forest on the way will make you love Hue more; but the thing in Hue touching travelers is local people who are very hospitable, and helpful. Their sweet voice and friendly face keep you warm, even you are in an unfamiliar city.

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