Pha That Luang

Pha That Luang

 Area:                 21,774 sqkm

 Population:     906,440 million

 Capital:              Kaisone Phomvihan

 Language:       Laos

 Currency:         Kip

Pha That Luang Overview
Pha That Luang (The Great Stupa or Sacred Reliquary) is the most significant Laotian religious and national monument. It is situated on a hill about three miles north east of the center of Vientiane.
Pha That Luang History
In the mid-16th century King Setthathirat moved his capital from Luang Prabang to Vientiane and ordered construction of That Luang. Work began in 1566. Covered in gold leaf, it repeatedly was plundered by Burmese, Siamese and Chinese. A Siamese invasion of 1828 led to massive destruction of the capital and virtual abandonment of That Luang.

The present structure is a French-directed reconstruction from the 1930s—made to replace an earlier botched French reconstruction of 1900—and is based on the detailed drawings from the late 1860s by the talented French architect and explorer Louis Delaporte.

There three levels, each conveying a reflection of part of the Buddhist doctrine. The first level is 68 x 69 m (223 x 226 ft); the second is 48 meters (157 ft) along each side; the third level is 30 meters (98 ft) along each side. From ground to pinniacle, the thaat measures 45 meters (147.6 ft). The encircling cloister walls are almsot almost 85 meters (279 ft) along each side and contain a large number of Lao and Khmer sculptures.
Pha That Luang climate and best time to visit

The Boun That Luang Festival is held every November in the capital of Vientiane, and attracts thousands of locals and tourists from all neighbouring countries through Indochina tour. The festival lasts for three days and nights and is considered the holiest Buddhist holiday in Laos.

The main event of each Boun That Luang Festival is held at the temple, where everyone is allowed to pray and give their respect to the stupa while enjoying the colourful parades, live music, and various religious ceremonies.

Pha That Luang Transportation
If you are staying in Vientiane, getting to and from Phat That Luang is very easy. You can choose to walk, grab a tuk tuk, or go along with a tour group. Everybody will know where it is and it is easy to get to by foot with a map. It is located on That Luang road.

We do not know if there is a city bus regular line passing through the monument Pha That Luang, the best thing to do is to take a tuk-tuk to both visit Patuxai as Pha That Luang, the tuk-tuk price is negotiated 50,000
kip (approx. € 5) being a very reasonable price.
Things to do and see in Pha That Luang
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Pha That LuangTravel Tips
+ Things to Bring :

 - Sun hat, sun glasses, sun lotion;
- Prescription medicines, antibiotic cream for minor cuts and scratches;
- Insect repellent; toothbrush, toothpaste or other toiletries;
- Umbrella, a small flashlight, sandals, international adaptor;
- Extra passport photos;
- Decaffeinated coffee (if you require). 

+ Respect: please show respect in certain manners to the monks and nuns; argument and criticism on their religions are taken insulting. Please ask for permits before photo shooting. Moreover, women are not allowed to touch monks, also women should put the object within the monk's reach while passing stuff.

+ Clothing & Shoes:
In Laos, remember to take off shoes before enter private houses and religious sites. No sleeveless top and short pants are allowed in religious sites. Men should wear tops and women should avoid skimpy tops and tight shorts. In addition, you will gain more respect if you are well turned out and modest in your dress. Check out the Laos weather to prepare fitting clothes. 

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