Vieng Xai

Vieng Xai

 Area:                236,800 sqkm

 Population:    6,4 million

 Capital:             Vientine

 Language:       Lao, French

 Currency:         Kip

Vieng Xai city belongs to Hua Phan Province is just 55 km from the Vietnam border and fairly close to the Provincial Capital of Sam Neua. This region of Laos suffered intensive bombing during the Vietnam War sometimes just because as it was perceived as an ally of the enemy so dropping unwanted bombs was acceptable.
Vieng Xai Overview
The town was the headquarters of the Pathet Lao, a good choice because of the nearby caves in limestone hills that were good both for shelter and storage. Indeed a ‘’hidden city’’ housing 20,000 was established.

The War and bombing lasted nine years so life was one largely of darkness with schools, hospitals and markets, everything in daily life, within the caves. These days the setting is stunning; limestone hills set above rice paddy fields.
Vieng Xai History

During the 1960s, political developments in Laos were influential in the future of this whole region. The United States believed that Laos was crucial in the prevention of communist expansion, so this small country became caught up in the conflict between the US and the north Vietnamese.

In 1964, the US began what became nine years of extremely intensive bombing of the country, many bombs were haphazardly dropped simply to get rid of them following cancelled missions over Vietnam.

The Pathet Lao moved east to Vieng Xay and these limestone karst cave networks sheltered their headquarters during their struggle with the American-backed Royal Lao Government. In these caves the Pathet Lao established a “Hidden City” which supported around 20,000 people.

During nine years of almost constant bombing, they sheltered in caves and surrounding jungle. Most of their daily lives were led under cover of darkness. Schools, hospitals and markets as well as government ministries, a radio station, a theatre and military barracks were all hidden in the caves.

In 1973 a ceasefire stopped the bombing and the new town of ViengXay was established as the capital of the liberated zone. When the Lao People’s Democratic Republic was declared on 2 December 1975, the capital city was transferred to Vientiane.

Vieng Xai climate and best time to visit
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Vieng Xai Transportation
Indochina tour package can come from Vietnam is under 3 hours away by regular bus. The capital Sam Neua is just an hour’s journey and onward connections are quite good. Go Indochina Tours can be tailored to clients’ interests and those who want to know more about Vieng Xai and experience in the area,  usually want to see such Landscape, Caves.
Things to do and see in Vieng Xai
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Vieng Xai Travel Tips
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