Vung Tau

Vung Tau

  • Area:             141.1

  • Population:   314,919

  • Language:     Vietnamese

  • Currency:      VND

Vung Tau is well known a beautiful beach city and a heaven of beach holiday tours attracting both million local and international tourist coming annually. Besides green beaches, Vung Tau is also famous for lots of graceful attractions which pulsate travelers'heart at least once time.
Vung Tau Overview

Vung Tau, 125 kilometers far from south Ho Chi Minh City, is famous for its 20 km of coastline with soft-sand beaches and calm waters. There are five beaches scattered over the peninsula and each has different taste. This province is the entertainment center where is well known as many beautiful resorts and hotels in European style; as a result, it is the nice choice for beach holiday package tour.

Vung Tau History

During 14th and 15th centuries, the cape that would become Vũng Tàu was a swamp which European trading ships visited regularly. The ships' activities inspired the name Vũng Tàu, which means "anchorage". French colonizers called it "Cap Saint Jacques" ("Cap Xanh Giắc", in Vietnamese).
Vũng Tàu was originally referred to as Tam Thắng ("Three Boats") in memory of the first three villages in this area, namely Thắng Nhất, Thắng Nhị, Thắng Tam, within the province of Biên Hòa under the Nguyễn Dynasty. Under the reign of king Gia Long (1761–1820), when Malay pirates built a base here and subsequently became a danger to traders in Gia Định city, the king his army to crack down on the pirates. The pirates were ousted and the troops were given the land as a reward. 10 February 1859 marked the first use of cannons by Nguyễn's army when they fired at French battleships from the fortress of Phước Thắng, located 100m from Vũng Tàu's Front Beach. This marked an important period in Vietnam's war against French invaders in South Vietnam (then called Cochin-china). In 1876, according to a decree by the French colonialists, Vũng Tàu was merged in Bà Rịa county per Saigon's administration. During the 1880s there talks about moving Saigon's port facilities to Vũng Tàu, but this came to nothing due to Saigon's better infrastructure.
On 1 May 1895, the governor of Cochin-china established by decree that Cap Saint Jacques would thereafter be an autonomous town. In 1898, Cap Saint Jacques has merged with Bà Rịa county once again but re-divided in 1899. In 1901, the population of Vũng Tàu was 5,690, of which 2,000 persons were immigrants from North Vietnam. Most of the town's population made their living in the fishing industry. On 4 April 1905, Cap Saint Jacques was made an administrative district of Bà Rịa province.

Vung Tau climate & best time to visit
Like Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau has two specific seasons. Rainy season is from May to November, and dry season is from December to next April. The average temperature is 28°C, it is a bit lower compared to other provinces in the Southern.
Here are some annual weather facts collected from our historical weather data. Months of November and December have nice weather with a good average temperature. Light rainy season last from May, June, July, August, September, October and November; otherwise, dry periods will be January, February, and March. The warmest month is April, the coolest month is December, the wettest month is September and the driest month is February. Vung Tau will be one of the nice stops for whom loves beaches in the long Vietnam packages tour.
Vung Tau Transportation

Traveler can reach Vung Tau by speedboat, car or helicopter from Ho Chi Minh City. Tt is a busy coast city with a few beaches, an attractive summer palace, a couple of interesting temples, a few other attractions and not much else, so it offers enough to do but nevertheless offers an off the beaten path and low-key escape.
From other parts of Vietnam or any countries, you can take a flight to Tan Son Nhat airport - Ho Chi Minh City easily, then catch a coach to Vung Tau - about 2 hours driver. This is the most saving time for travel in long distance.

Things to do and see in Vung Tau

Beach holidays 

Ownership of many beautiful beaches, Vung Tau is always the choice of travelers during the journey to discover Vietnam beach holidays.
Located in the center of town and between Big and Small Mountains, Front Beach is close to the Hydrofoil station and is primarily populated by locals. While there is not the same amount of tourist infrastructure featured at Back Beach, a smattering of kiosks and venues offers enough refreshments to keep satisfied.
Foreigner's Beach, situated three kilometers northwest of town, has the most well-known seafood restaurants called Cay Bang in Vung Tau; this small beach is popular because of its calm and clear waters.
Pineapple Beach, a small beach with green water and soft sand, is located at the foot of Nui Nho Mountain, and it is well known as a place to chill out and watch the beautiful sunset.
Back Beach, the closest beach to Vung Tau Town, is not the best place to swim but it has a good number of restaurants and bars. 

St. Maria Statue

Opposite to beach and at a base of a mountain, the looming statue of St. Mary and child rise out of a Catholic complex. Entrance is free, and there are many other artistic and religious relics scattered along the hillside above the main church.

Lang Ong Nam Hai Whale Temple

According to legend, the remains of a whale washed up on the Vung Tau beach over 100 years ago. The carcass was so gargantuan that fishermen had to wait for the flesh to decompose before being able to pull it to shore and display the bones which came to symbolize the protector of the coast. Now, every time a whale washes ashore, the bones are ceremonially hauled to the mausoleum. Visitors are welcome to visit the quaint temple with its impressive display of all things whale from paintings and bones to statues.

Dog Racing Park

A converted football stadium that still caters to local games during the week, Lam Son Stadium hosts greyhound races every Saturday at 19:00. The only legal gambling venue in the country, come for the pageantry and place a few bets of your own.
Con Dao island  

Located in the 90km southern part of Vung Tau, Con Dao Island has a dense forest, which is Con Dao National Park with rich flora and fauna. The sea in this area is home to various valuable marine species; especially, it may have a chance of watching the turtle laying the eggs. It also used to host a convict prison during French colonial era, and later, during the American War. At present, Con Dao becomes to a bright point for both honeymoon holidays and Vietnam luxury holidays

Vung Tau Light House

Vung Tau Light House was first built in 1862 after the French colonials invaded three South-East provinces. It is a cylinder with 18m height and 3m of diameter, in which there is a spiral staircase nearly up to the top and away to the outside balcony to view Vung Tau city.

Niet Ban Tinh Xa

3 km from town, Niet Ban Tinh Xa Pagoda rests at the bottom of Mountain Nho. Topped by a 21m flag tower, the intricate patterns and architecture throughout make for one of the most beautiful pagodas in the area. The garden in front is built to represent the Buddha’s famed entrance into a state of nirvana.

Tran Phu Market

Vung Tau is renowned for its fresh seafood and the special preparation techniques which are sure to awaken your senses. Tran Phu Fish Market, just off of Sao Mai sea port and fish village, boasts some of the freshest seafood just off of the adjacent waters. The entire street is lined with vendors, so it's a good time to practice your bargaining skills.

Vung Tau Travel Tips
The most important thing you can not miss is eating seafood which is so fresh, cheap and delicious; additionally, you should not eat in restaurants on beaches, let’s ask the locals to know good restaurants. 

Things to NOT do in Vung Tau 

- NEVER come to restaurants on Hoang Hoa Tham street, they are famous for slash-cut.
- NEVER listen to instructions of taxis and motor taxis if they want to take you to a restaurant. Let’s ask them to take you to exact address or to the area that you need and find a restaurant  
- NEVER follow the leaflets advertising for restaurants. 
- Addition, you should not eat in restaurants on beaches, let’s ask the locals to know good restaurants. Please learn by heart these tips if you plan Vung Tau as a stop during your Vietnam package tour 

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