Con Dao

Con Dao

 Area:                 76

 Population:     8.360 million

 Language:       Vietnamese

 Currency:         VND

Con Dao island is well known as one of the most graceful islands in Vietnam; it owns many beautiful beaches. which are green water, white sands and full of sunny light. It is not only an ideal place for couples but also travelers who love diving, and snorkeling because of the great beauty of coral here.
Con Dao Overview
The Con Dao archipelago consists of 16 islets with 76 square kilometers. The main island, Con Son is 51 and the local population is 6.000. Looking at a map, Con Dao island looks like a bear rising from the sea to east of the most southern point of the country.
Con Dao Island is also famous for its nice beaches shaded with evergreen trees, fresh air, clear blue water, and primitive forests. Additionally, Con Dao island is one of the few places in Viet Nam that is home to rare dugong, dolphin and to varieties of orchids found nowhere else in the country. The ocean around Con Dao island is a heaven to the splendid forest cloaks the land; as a result, Con Dao is well known as a famous destination of  Vietnam luxury holidays and honeymoon holidays.
Con Dao History
Tens of thousands of political prisoners were held on Con Son Island between 1862 and 1975. The prisons became known as ‘university’ for a generation of independence activists from all over Vietnam. Many, who were unaffiliated to political groups when detained, were hardened by the treatment they received in the prisons and left as members of one party or another, particularly the Indochinese Communist Party – predecessor of the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam.
Some prisoners were famous independence advocates before entering the prisons; others grew to fame after being released from Con Son, having
learned much in the ‘Schools of Bolshevism’ on the island. Many, however, never left the island: they died from malnourishment, mistreatment, and hard labor or were executed.

They became martyrs for their cause, commemorated on the island and throughout Vietnam today. An estimated 22,000 prisoners lost their lives on Con Son Island. Most of the dead were dumped in the shadow of a mountain behind Con Son town. In 1975 their remains were collected and buried in Hang Duong Cemetery, which occupies the site today.
Con Dao climate and best time to visit
Con Dao weather is relatively cool and pleasant all year round; it is also influenced by weather in Southeast Vietnam. Normally, southwest monsoon is from May to September, and north-east monsoon is from October to April. Con Dao climate distinguishes two seasons which are the rainy season and the dry season.
The rainy season runs from May to November with the highest rainfall in August and September. During this season, it is quite humid; the average rainfall is 2.200mm per year. Meanwhile, in the
dry season running from December to April, it is cool to the annual average temperature of 27°C.
Con Dao is an ideal place to enjoy beach holidays as well as explore ecotourism when
traveling to Vietnam, it is not only famous for the beautiful nature but also ruins of the Vietnamese war. 
Con Dao Transportation
By air:
Five daily flights between Con Son and HCMC jointly operated by Vasco and Vietnam Airlines. The tiny airport is about 15km from the town
center. All of the big hotels on the island provide free transport both to and from the airport. It's nearly always possible to show up and grab a seat on one of the hotel shuttle vans that meet the planes; drivers charge 50,000d and will usually drop you off at your hotel or in the town center.
By boat:
There are two ferries connecting Con Son Island with Vung Tau, with sailings three to four times a week, though they don't sail during stormy weather or heavy seas. Facilities are basic and the crossing can be very rough. Ferries depart from Ben Dam port at
5 pm, taking around 12 hours. Seats cost 160,000d but it is better to invest in a sleeper berth for 275,000d, with six bunks to a room.
Things to do and see in Con Dao
Dive and see euphorbia at Hon Tre is about 1 hour going by boat from the main island.
Ong Dung Forest

A tourist could absorb in nature on the beach, enjoy the beautiful sun setting over Tinh Yeu Peak (Love Peak) after a day discovering Con Dao.
Dawn on Ca Map Cape
Wake up early and see the sun rising over Hon Bay Canh. There would be a wonderful light display created by the cloud on the sky and the dawn light.
Sunset on Bai Nhat    
Tired out after a long day exploring Con Dao, visitors can now indulge themselves into nature at the beach, watching magically beautiful sunset slowly going down off the Tinh Yeu mount.
Dat Doc beach
It is a natural and sloping beach, visitors can discover themselves cross-valleys going straight to the beach
which create small and romantic beaches.
Lo Voi Beach
It is located in near the hotel and suitable for families.
Dam Trau Beach
Tt is considered as the most beautiful beach. Tourist can swim as well as dive here.

Seeing the turtle on Hon Bay Canh

A visitor could spend a quiet but extremely attractive night on Hon Bay Canh, see the tortoises making the nest and laying on the beach.Tortoises lay eggs throughout the year but they lay the most from June to September
Con Dao Travel Tips
Con Dao is now famous for honeymoon holidays. If you choose this destination for your relaxation, its weather is quite hot; therefore, you should bring hats, skin cream, thin clothes, and sandals.

Do not forget to bring camera along with you to keep your beautiful moments

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