Ha Long Bay Travel Guide
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The Best Time to Visit Ha Long Bay:
The best time for a trip on Halong Bay is from April to the end of November (the time of summer and fall in Vietnam).
Halong Bay is most beautiful in the summer, but it sometimes has heavy rains or even sea storms. In the fall, the weather is cool and ideal for a holiday. The temperature is low in the winter, of course not as cold as that one in the West, but it is completely able to cause you a cold. At the time of spring, it’s usually wet and foggy. That is surely not good for visiting the sites and taking photograph.
Transportation To Ha Long Bay:
Tourists traveling to Halong Bay usually choose a bus for transferring. However, it may take a long time (from Hanoi, it takes about 4 hours).
Mostly, transfer to Halong Bay from Hanoi city and it may take 4 hours journey at least (from Hanoi, it takes about 4 hours)so make sure about your health or choose another kind of transportation.
How to get Ha Long Bay:
Usually us The shuttle bus – tourist bus. It starts from Hanoi on 08:00 morning daily and returns at 12:00 from Halong bay every day, you will be picked up from the hotel if your hotel located in the old quarter. Otherwise, you have to take a taxi to the meeting point.
Halong Bay is a great place to relax, look limestone karst landscape and night view with quite water waves , the light of cruise from many sides. It is ideal for everyone whose is interested in great beaches, stunning water, and nature. 
We provide general information for Halong Bay including Halong Bay travel advise, Halong Bay tours and junk boat cruises which range from a day trip to 2 days or 3 days overnight in the bay. All the tour and cruise is included transfer and Daily departure from Hanoi Vietnam.
You can come to HaLongbay from Cai Lan port or Hanoi city or Hai Phong city and both take road bus trip to Halong Bay. 
By Car 
The most popular way to get to Halong Bay is by road, which follows Highway 18 that passes by Tuan Chau Island, Bai Chay Road, and Hon Gai Bridge. 
If you travel from Hanoi, most cruise trips will arrange transfer from your hotel to the pier (either cruise bus or private car). An average trip without traffic will take at least 4 hours for one way.
Taking a local bus is cheaper, but the bus is old and shocking, and there is indecorous staff. The staff will stop everywhere on the road to pick up more guests. If in some occasions of a holiday in Vietnam, you will be stuffed. Most local people choose local buses because of the price; it costs about 5-7USD per way.
The best option to choose the shuttle bus and it was picked up at the hotel or central Hanoi, prepare Halong bay holiday with a travel agent helped to manage all itineraries program for you, reserve services and you only take part into Halong bay cruise without caring about things besides.
By Air 
If you fly to central or south, take fly direct to Hanoi airport and Hai Phong airport and get a car transfer to Halong Bay. From other Southeast Asia countries, you also need to fly into one of these two airports to get access to Halong Bay. 
You can also travel to Halong Bay on the helicopter which takes about 1.5 hours and it is only possible from Hanoi. This service is exclusively run by Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company and it is quite a costly option to reach Halong Bay. Then Helicopter is suitable for your exploration by high level to totally observation.
Decide how to get there. The best way to go to Halong Bay from Hanoi is by bus. It is cheap and comfortable and the buses to Halong Bay are new, good chair has air conditioning and come with a safe driver and friendly guide who make your journey is interested in story formality and introduction. The road quality from Hanoi to Halong Bay is acceptable, not too bumpy. It will take you directly from Hanoi to Halong Bay without any stops. However, you need to stay in Old Quarter for more convenient to pick up.
Cruise Safety Measures
To assure safety and security before on the board,  all cruise working on board have to obey rule from Halong Bay managed the department . Each cruise cabin is connected to the integrated boat-wide alarm system and is equipped with a fire extinguisher, hammer, flashlight and life jackets and all equipped with integrated boat-wide alarm systems, life rings, life rafts and fire extinguishers. Before each cruise, all passengers take part in a safety briefing.
 All Cruise ships are commanded by aCaptain and manned by a professional Deck Crew and Cruise Staff. All Crew and Staff members have earned training certificates or recognized expertise, as accredited by the relevant Vietnamese Government Authority or Agency.
All Cruise ships operate under the professional daily technical supervision and ongoing maintenance schedules. Each ship undergoes regular monthly and bi-annual routine maintenance and an annual dry-docking to ensure all aspects of seaworthiness and the good condition of accommodations.
Our Cruise Managers conduct a safety briefing for all passengers prior to each departure. The briefing includes-board safety procedures and clear instructions in case of emergency.
All Halong Bay Cruise Crews are trained for SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and dealing with emergencies. Refresher training sessions and live drills are conducted every 6 months.
Every ship is fitted with professional marine safety equipment: VHF Radio, GPS Plotting, Two-way radios, Water Ingress Alarm System, Anti-sinking Pump System, Fire Alarm system and fire extinguishers.
Each ship is inspected by the local Maritime Registration Authority annually and certified accordingly. All Cruise ships are covered with maximum ship insurance based on the vessel certification, including total Crew and Passenger capacity.
Halong Bay Cruise places the highest priority on the safety and security of our ships and all Passengers, Crew, and Staff on board.
Activities in Halong Bay:
Mostly, the tourist has to abide by safety rules and guidance of tour guide escort your journey to explore Halong bay. For outstanding activities such as Kayaking, caving, swimming
The swimming and kayaking combine together in Halong Bay are popular and favorite play of traveler. Firstly, take a kayaking for 30 minutes then take a swimming near the seaside. Tourists don’t have to worry about shark when swimming. However, you may get a little trouble with local jellyfish because it can cause itching and irritating. This symptom is easy to be treated by covering a slice of lemon or vinegar on the skin. After 2 hours, the feeling of itching and irritating will leave. 
Take Swimming
Swimming is a great activity for families or groups of friends to do together while spending time enjoying Halong Bay.
There are a few small beaches around Halong Bay which, along with the sundeck of your cruise boat, offer stunning scenic locations for sunbathing.
Food & Drinks in Halong Bay
When using food or drinks bought from the local vendors on the street or on the sampan, you must notice its hygiene and expired date.
You had better use food and drinks provided on the cruise. If you have special requirements about food & drinks (like vegetarian or seafood allergy), you should make an advance order when booking.
Clothing preparation  when Go To Ha Long Bay
The weather of Halong Bay is typical monsoon tropics and the average temperature is over 20°C. Therefore, you should wear light clothing accompanied with sports shoes or sandals. They will help you feel comfortable and easy to move.
Visiting Halong Bay Floating Villages.
+ Floating villages are among the attractions of the most special site of Halong Bay. There are some villages in the World Heritage Site: Ba Hang, Cua Van, Vung Vieng and Cong Dam, Vong Vieng Village, Cua Van Village, Ba Hang Village or Cap De Village in Hung Thang Commune. 
+ Cua Van is the largest village. Halong is very rich beach resource which the fishermen live on. They often start their work in the early morning and sell achievement for large boats carrying fresh fish to markets on land.
+ Most of the junks and cruises would pass by one of these floating villages and would probably make a short stop at a fish farm to observe daily life or just for the visitors to have a peek into the basic living of the villagers.
+ Among many activities program, the one which is found to be the most enjoyable was the visit to the floating village. Some inhabitants came to pick you up with little sampan touring their village.
+ The floating village is a cultural heritage and tourist attraction in Halong Bay, Vietnam. People have been living in these houses for hundred of the year with fishing as the main income activity. This beautiful Bay is also famous for many floating fishing villages. 
+ The fishermen live on boats and floating wooden houses in the zone of Halong Bay, which is dozens of kilometers away from the mainland. They have no land ownership and their main livelihood is fishing and aquaculture.
+ The Visitors often travel to enjoy life in some villages such as Vong Vieng Village, Cua Van Village, Ba Hang Village or Cap De Village in Hung Thang Commune. Cua Van is the largest village. Halong is very rich of marine resource which the fishermen live on. They often start their work in the early morning and sell achievement for large boats carrying fresh fish to markets on land.
+ The local villagers are the original inhabitants of Halong Bay who have lived on the sea for several generations. They have created a diverse culture of fishing and living. In the peaceful atmosphere of the fishing village, tourists will be welcomed with fresh seafood and folksong performance.
+ You could easily transfer to floating village by cruise tour daily. In this cruise tour, you could both visiting floating village and join activities: swimming, kayaking, diving…You should enjoy seafood to be made by local villagers or you can buy drying product and hand-made from local people for friends and family, Both this activity will be the best experience in Vietnam tour in general and Halong bay in private
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