A former hill station, set high in the cool, rolling countryside, Kalaw is a precious gem, but of the unpolished variety. Quite unlike anywhere else, a holiday in Kalaw is charmingly authentic and unsophisticated.
Kalaw Overview

At a height of 1320 meters high above sea level, Kalaw is a breathtaking hill station in Shan State with a laid back atmosphere and refreshing climate. It possesses a majestic mountain scenery, heart-touching natural beauty, and several fascinating attractions. Likewise, it has become one of the loveliest towns and also well-known as the trekking mecca of Myanmar. With that altitude, the weather in Kalaw is pleasant in all year round. 

Kalaw History

The town was popular with the British during colonial rule. Kalaw is the main setting of the novel "The Art of Hearing Heartbeats" by Jan-Philipp Sendker. The hill station is located at an elevation of 1310 metres, 50 km from the Inle lake. Kalaw is famous for hiking and trekking. Many trekking trails ranging from nearby places to Inle lake and Pindaya. The town still feels like a high-altitude holiday resort – the air is cool, the atmosphere is calm and the tree-lined streets still contain a smattering of colonial-era architecture – while the surrounding hills are fine for relatively easy day or overnight treks to Danu, Danaw, Palaung, Pa-O and Taung Yo villages.

Kalaw climate and best time to visit

Kalaw has 2 types of climates prevailing, namely the tropical savanna climate and moderate climate. You can visit Kalaw in Myanmar all around year due to  a pleasant or warm temperature and none till mediocre rainfall. The highest average temperature in Kalaw is 31°C in april and the lowest is 24°C in january. The weather and climate of Kalaw is suitable for a a sun vacation.


Kalaw Transportation

You can easily take flights from other parts of Myanmar (Yangoon, Mandalay, Bagan,...) to Heho Airport (26km south east of Kalaw). The journey from Heho to Kalaw around one hour driver. 

Things to do and see in Kalaw
Surrounded by mountain ranges, colorful tribe villages, rivers, pine forests, and bamboo groves. Kalaw is one of the charming tourist attractions in Myanmar to visit for a few days. Along with amazing trekking, Kalaw is also an untouched paradise that still waiting for tourist to discover. 

Wandering Around the Peaceful Town

As soon as you get to Kalaw from your Myanmar trip, strolling around the antique town is the first thing that we highly recommend you to do. The high altitude is the main advantage helps the aura around the town cool and fresh in all year round. Take a walk through the beautiful town, you will be mesmerized by the unique British architecture features on colonial buildings, snaking road with full of colorful flowers, and some significant religious sites.

Get a Glimpse at the Life of the local in Kalaw Market

Along your walking journey around the town, do not miss your chance to hit the local Kalaw market. Along with social development, the market has been through a long time that becomes the best place offers the best view of the life of the area. Stay in the heart of Kalaw town, the market is where villagers from the surrounding areas come to sell their products. Every five days, the market of Kalaw is swelled by traders who descend from the hill villages outside the town. The market is where you witness a variety of hill tribes dressed in their traditional attires bartering for products in front of their colorful vendors.

Marvel at Thousands of Buddha Images in Shwe U Min Pagoda

Nested in a magnificent limestone cave, Shwe U Min Pagoda is one of the best attractions in Kalaw. It attracts tourists’ attention by its radiant Buddha statues, exotic stalactite, and serene aura. No one knows exactly how long has the pagoda existed. Probably it has gone through a very long time. Along with the rapid change of time, Shwe U Pagoda has become one of the most highly revered religious sites in the region. Inside the pagoda is where people often gather to pray and admire the golden images. Also, visitors traveling to the pagoda can enjoy a breathtaking ambiance that hardly can be found in anywhere else.

Enjoy the Tranquil Ambiance in Thein Taung Pagoda

Thein Taung Pagoda is another attraction in Kalaw for you to stay away from the crown. Just about 10-minute drive from the downtown Kalaw, Thein Taung Pagoda noted for an exotic Buddha statue made of bamboo. Together with visiting the pagoda, you can spend time to enjoy the fantastic scenery surrounding.

Trekking to Myin Ma Hti Village

Why can we ignore an interesting trek while visiting Kalaw? There are several destinations but Myin Ma Hti Village is the most wonderful trekking point in Kalaw. There is two way to reach the tranquil village, one by bike and one by trekking. But we recommend you spend time to walk through the breathtaking pine trees to get to the village. It’s worth as you will have a chance to behold the pure natural beauty of Kalaw along the path.

Trekking from Kalaw to Inle

Last but not least, this is perhaps one of the most expected activities in Kalaw. The trekking route from Kalaw to Inle might not the most impressive route you have ever seen, but we bet that it will be the most memorable one in your life. A trekking tour from Kalaw to Inle will provide you a chance to meet some ethnic group live sparsely along the path and you cannot imagine how friendly they are. Furthermore, it also allows you to walk through the scenic plantation, visit an ethnic family and share a cup of tea in delight with them.
Kalaw Travel Tips

In Kalaw, the Myanmar Kyat is used to pay.
Exchange rate Myanmar kyat (MMK) 

1 Myanmar kyat = 0,00 United States dollar
1 United States dollar = 1.451,30 Myanmar kyat

Install exchange rate app

It can be difficult to calculate the exchange rate yourself. Install an app on your phone that updates the exchange rate daily. By entering the local price you immediately see what the price is in Euro.

Bring your credit card

Take a credit card along with your own bank card. If your bank card is not accepted then you have the credit card that you can use.

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