Kampot (Khmer: ខេត្តកំពត) is a south west province of Cambodia. It borders the provinces of Koh Kong and Kampong Speu to the north, Takeo and Kep and Vietnam to the east and Sihanoukville to the west. To its south it has a coastline of around 45 km on the Gulf of Thailand. It is rich in low arable lands and has abundant natural resources. Its capital is Kampot town.
Kampot Overview
Kampot is a province on the South coast of Cambodia and is 148km from Phnom Penh.  Kampot was once a sleepy city that is now transformed into a very lively destination for the traveling tourist, with a variety of music venues, bars, and restaurants. This city is based on the eastern side of the Kampong Bay River and within a short distance of the elephant mountains.
This city is an excellent base for those that plan to explore the verdant countryside, the superb cave temples, Kep (including the islands and beaches), the Bokor National Park, and other regions of South-East Cambodia. It is a nice optional attraction in Cambodia tour package.
Kampot History
Under 19th-century French colonial administration, Kampot became a regional administrative center with the status of a state border district as a result of the delimitation of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The Circonscription Résidentielle de Kampot contained the arrondissements of Kampot, Kompong-Som, Trang and Kong-Pisey.

In 1889 French colonial census reports a multi-ethnic community: Kampot town consisted of "Cambodian Kampot" on the Prek-Kampot River and "Chinese Kampot" on the right riverbank of the west branch of the Prek-Thom River. Nearby was also a Vietnamese village, called Tien-Thanh and another Vietnamese village on
Traeuy Koh Island. A Malay also existed on Tracey Koh Island. Additional villages of mixed ethnicity are listed.
Kampot climate and best time to visit
The tropical climate in Cambodia makes Kampot a perfect destination to explore at any time of the year. The warm and humid climate can make traveling throughout the country a pleasant experience.
The average temperate is in the region of 27°C – although the preferred time to travel this region is October,
November, and December when the weather is the most comfortable to explore the sites.

There is a greater risk of rainfall (wet season) in May to November, so make makes sure to pack light rain gear if planning the Cambodia tour packages during this period. The hottest month is April (up to 34°C), which may be too intense for many travelers.
Kampot Transportation
Kampot is easily reached by road directly from Kep, Phnom Penh, and Sihanoukville, as well as Vietnam via the Phnom Den and Prek Chak border crossings. Most of the internal travel through the city is by taxi, van or bus. There is no air service that arrives in Kampot. Plus, there is a regularly scheduled train service that travels between Sihanoukville, Kampot and Phnom Penh.

Once in 
Kampot, it is relatively easy to get around town. Kampot is very easy to navigate most of the town on foot. But, for those planning to explore further afield, you may want to look at renting a moto or hiring a tuk-tuk.
The tuk-tuk drivers are great for getting around the city, and even offer a full day tour into the stunning Kampot countryside. Other forms of transport include the bicycle, which can be rented from a lot of businesses and guesthouses for $1 per day.
Things to do and see in Kampot
Fish market
Kampot's up-and-coming dining scene finally has its signature eatery in the form of this restored art-deco masterpiece on the banks of the Kompong Bay River. Plop down in the breezy open-air dining area and dig into Australian lamb cutlets, fish, and chips, or local favorites such as peppercorn crab and fish amok.

Rusty Keyhole
This popular riverfront bar-restaurant turns out a global menu of comfort food and Khmer home cooking. Most people are here for their famous ribs; order in advance, but beware of the enormous, extra-large portions.

Ecran (French for a screen) is a little movie-cafe offering big-screen films and a private room for movie watching. Cambodian-related movies such as The Killing FieldsThe Missing Picture, and Enemies of the People screen most days at 4 pm, with various cult classics and other movies screened at 7.30pm daily. Drinks and popcorn are available.


Old Market

Kampot Old Market building actually isn't that old, with the art-deco–style concrete facade constructed during the 1930s. Various shops, travel agencies, and cafes rim both sides of the building.

Epic Arts Café
A great place for breakfast, home-made cakes, infused tea and light lunches, this mellow eatery is staffed by young people who are deaf or have a disability. Profits fund arts workshops for Cambodians with a disability and it's possible to learn some sign language at 3 pm every Friday.

Phnom Chhnork
Phnom Chhnork is a short walk through a quilt of rice paddies from Wat Ang Sdok, where a monk collects the entry fee and a gaggle of friendly local kids offers their services as guides. From the bottom, a 203-step staircase leads up the hillside and down into a cavern as graceful as a Gothic cathedral. 

Inside the cave, you’ll be greeted by a stalactite elephant, with a second elephant outlined on the flat cliff face to the right. Tiny chirping bats live up near two natural chimneys that soar towards the blue sky, partly blocked by the foliage of an impossibly green hue.

Within the main chamber stands a remarkable 7th-century (Funan-era) brick temple, dedicated to Shiva. The temple’s brickwork is in superb condition thanks to the protection afforded by the cave. Poke your head inside and check out the ancient stalactite that serves as a 
linga. A slippery passage, flooded in the rainy season, leads through the hill.
Phnom Sorsia
Phnom Sorsia is home to several natural caves. From the parking area, a stairway leads up the hillside to a gaudy modern temple. From there, steps lead left up to Rung Damrey Saa (White Elephant Cave). A slippery, sloping staircase (where one false step will send you into the abyss) leads down and then up and then out through a hole in the other side. Exit the cave and follow the right-hand path which leads back to the temple.
Kampot Travel Tips
As it is quite common in Cambodia even small cities, such as Kampot have at least one big market. You may also find a market in Kampot centre, which are very busy areas with local shops dealing the local daily consumer products, like fish, fruits, vegetables, meats and packed products. Most of the food and drink shops are surrounding the market. To take something special from this province along, buy some famous Kampot Pepper.
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