Kyaing Tong

Kyaing Tong

Kyaing Tong is a rewarding trekking destination. In contradict with low infrastructure for tourism, the area has abundance of pristine nature, impressive encounters and unlike experience.
Kyaing Tong Overview
The Kentung City has many names i.e. Cheingtung, Kengtong, Chiang Tung, Kyaingtong. It is a town in the Eastern Myanmar; in the Shan State to be exact. The history of this city is full of myths and legends. It was originally built and inhabited by the Wa People, but then claimed by King Mangrai. After that, it became the capital of the Kengtung State in 1905. Then in 1942, Thai army populated this city until the conclusion of World War 2. After the independence of Burma, this city was victim to heavy insurgency and military uprisings. Now it is grasped by the strict Burmese cultures.
Kyaing Tong History

The early history of Kengtung is made up of myths and legends. The Oral tradition of the Wa people says that the ancient city of Kengtung was founded in the distant past by them as the original inhabitants of the region, and was later reestablished by the grandson of King Mangrai after defeating the Wa. This migration of the Chiang Mai dynasty in the 13th century, with the founding a new kingdom which was later named Kanna, has resulted in Kengtung having a different type of Tai population from the rest of the Shan State, the Tai Khun.

Kengtung, like other major towns in the Shan Plateau, was home to a Shan Saopha (Sawbwa). Kengtung was the capital of the Kengtung State and had a palace, built by Sao Kawng Kiao Intaleng in 1905.

The city was occupied by the Thai Phayap Army from 1942 until the end of the Second World War  and became the headquarters of the Saharat Thai Doem territory.  The headquarters of the regional military command of the Tatmadaw is in the town afterwards.


Kyaing Tong climate and best time to visit
Kengtung lies in the tropical monsoon climate, in the east of Myanmar. Generally, the weather in Kengtung is divided into three distinct seasons:
-      The hot and dry season usually runs from late February through to late May
-    The rainy season lasts from late May through to October
-     The cool and dry season lasts for 4 months from November through February.

The warmest month is April with the average high of 32oC, the coolest month is December with the average temperature is 25oC.
You can visit and discover the history, and culture of Kengtung throughout the year.
Kyaing Tong Transportation

Kyaing Tong is about 456km from Taunggyi, the capital city of Shan  State. It is only 170km away from Tachileik and it takes 3 hours by 4WD or Vans. 
We can access Kengtung by air from Yangon International airport and Heho airport. The ticket arranges from 145 – 180$ depends on the company you chose.
From Yangon, Myanmar National Airlines operates the most flights with five flights a week on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Yangon Airways offers three flights a week on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Mann Yadanarpon Airlines offers one flight only on Tuesday.
From Heho, Myanmar National Airlines operates three flights a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Wednesday. Mann Yadanarpon Airlines offers two flights on Tuesday and Thursday. Yangon Airways offers three flights a week on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Things to do and see in Kyaing Tong

One Tree hill
This hill is a prominent landmark of Kyaing Tong town, made recognisable by a 250-year-old lone tree standing on it. The Kanyin Phyu tree was planted in 1753 and is 218 feet in height


Wat Mahamuni

This Thai-style temple is located in the heart of town and resembles the Sule Pagoda. The atmosphere inside the temple is very tranquil, allowing you to spend some time in silence. You will find booklets in the pagoda that provide you with insight into the history of the place.

Central Market

The town market is pretty large and is open till 1 PM every day. The best products are available early in the morning. It is also the time when you can watch the locals go about their daily routines. Don’t forget to check out the food section in the market.

Nyaung Tong Lake

This pretty lake is at the centre of the town and is surrounded by impressive colonial architecture. The lake is a lively place, especially in the evenings. Locals flock to the lake to enjoy their evenings.


Kyaing Tong Travel Tips
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