Laos Travel Guide
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How do get Passport & Visa in Laos
Visa for Laos trip by Indochina tour package valid for at least six months is required for all nationals. Visa can be obtained from Lao Embassies and Consulates abroad. In addition, visa can also be obtained on arrival at the international Checkpoint. The entry visas are obtainable from the nearest Laos Embassy, a travel agent or upon arrival. The validity of tourist visas is about one month and can be extended.
Visa on arrival into Laos:
- Stamped at international airport: Vientaine, Luang Prabang, Paske
- Procedures: No need to have visa approval letter in advance (as in Vietnam). Upon arrival at the airport, clients will fill in the Immigration Form (given by the Immigration Officer) at the airport, paste their passport size photos and pay US$ 30 as stamping fee directly to the immigration officer there
- Bring 02 passport size photos
- Costs: visitors need to pay the stamping fee of US$ 30 per person for each time of entry
Note: The price is subject to change and varies between nationals.

Nationalities are allowed to enter to Laos without Visa
- Nationals of Japan, South Korea, Russia, and Switzerland for stays of up to 15 days;
- Nationals of Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, Cambodia, and Singapore for stays of up to 30 days
How Get to Laos
+ Getting There by Air
The national airline of Laos is Lao Airlines (QV). There are no direct flights from the USA or Europe; flights are mainly via Bangkok, China, Vietnam or Cambodia.

                  Main Airports
Luang Prabang International Airport

Wattay International Airport
City/Region: Vientiane
Airport Code: VTE
Location: 3km (2miles) from Vientiane.
Ground Transport: Taxis are available to take visitors to the city center (20 minutes drive)
Facilities: Banks, restaurants, duty-free, post office and shops.

City/Region:Luang Prabang
Airport Code:LPQ
Location:4km (3miles) from Luang Prabang.
Ground Transport:Taxis
 are available to take visitors to the city center (20 minutes drive)
Facilities:Banks, restaurants, duty-free, post office and shops.
Getting Laos by Water
It is possible to travel from the Thai border to Luang Prabang by speedboat, slow boat or by a deluxe one-day boat. The slow boat takes about two days and usually involves an overnight stay in Pak Beng. The speedboat goes from Houaixay on the Laos border to Luang Prabang in around six hours.
Getting Laos by Road
It is possible to enter Laos from Thailand, China, Vietnam and Cambodia
+ Laos - China:
- Mohan - Botene , Yunnan to Luang Namtha Province  (Visa on arrival)
- Xiangkok riverport on Mekong River in Luang Namtha Province   (No visa on arrival permit)
+ Laos - Thailand
- Chiangkhong - Houixay, Chiang Rai to Bokeo Province.   (Visa on arrival)
- Nakaxeng - Nameua, Loei to Sayabouly Province   (Visa on arrival)
- Nongkhay - Friendship Bridge , Nongkhay-Vientiane Capital   (Visa on arrival
- Bungkan - Pakxan, Nongkhay-Bolikhamxay Province  (No visa on arrival permit)
- Nakorn Phanom - Thakhaek, Nakorn Phanom-Khammouane Province   (Visa on arrival)
- Moukdahan - Savannakhet, crossing the Mekong River    (Visa on arrival)
- Chongmek - Vangtao, Ubon Ratchathani to Champasack Province (Visa on arrival)
+ Laos - Vietnam
- Tay Trang - Sobhoun, Dien Bien Laichau to Phongsaly Province (No visa on arrival permit)
Nameo (Cau Treo) - Banleui, Thanh Hoa to Huaphanh Province (No visa on arrival permit)
- Namkan - Namkan, Nge An to Xieng Khouang Province (Visa on arrival)
- Keoneua - Nampao (Lak Sao), Ha tinh to Bolikhamxay Province (Visa on arrival)
- Napao - Chalo, Quangbinh to Khammouane Province (No visa on arrival permit)
- Laobao - Dansavanh, Quang tri to Savannakhet Province (Visa on arrival)
- Kon Tum – Bo Y, Kon Tukm to Attapeau Province (Visa on arrival)
+ Laos - Cambodia
- Dong Calor - Veun Kham, Cambodia to Champasak Province(No visa on arrival permit)
How to get there:
+ By Air
Lao Airlines(QV) ( runs domestic air services from Vientiane to Houayxai, Luang Namtha, Xieng Khouang, Luang Prabang and Oudomxai in the north and Pakse and Savannakhet in the south.
+ By Water
There is route from Luang Prabang to Huay Xai, but there is no longer a service between Vientiane and Luang Prabang. The journey upstream from Luang Prabang to Huay Xai or vice verse, takes two days with an overnight stop in Pakbeng
+ By Road
Many of the roads have been paved in recent years, including the main highway from the Thai border at Savannakhet to the Vietnamese border. In the north of the country, there is a road link between Vientiane and Luang Prabang, and from Vientiane to Savannakhet and Pakse in the south.
+ Trip to around Towns and Cities
Taxis, Motorcycles, and bicycles can be hired for the day in Vientiane, Luang Prabang. Converted motorcycles, known as tuk-tuks or jumbos, are available in all major towns and cities and are perfect for shorter journeys around town.
+ Journey Times
The following chart gives approximate journey times (in hours and minutes) from Vientiane & Lunang Prabang to other major cities and towns in Laos.

Shopping in Laos
Silk and cotton fabrics, objects made from wood (sculptures, cut-out figures), pottery and traditional instruments are part of the rich tapestry of Laotian craftsmanship. Lao sarongs (pha sin) and hill tribe bags are a popular souvenir.
Lao Kip (LAK; symbol ₭) = 100 cents. Notes are in denominations of ₭100,000, 50,000, 20,000, 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, and 500.
Currency Exchange (Update Feb 17, 2011)
US Dollars and Thai Baht are widely accepted and exchanged but other currencies are generally only recognized at banks.
Exchange rate - exact exchange rate depends on date you make transaction
Credit/Debit Cards and ATMs
Major credit cards are accepted in the more upmarket hotels and restaurants only in Vientiane and Luang Prabang. ATMs are slowly being introduced, particularly in Vientiane and Luang Prabang, but are not recommended.
Traveller’s Cheques
Limited acceptance and travelers are advised to take traveler’s cheques in US Dollars.

Do’s & Don’ts in Laos travel tips:
- A formal greeting for most Lao people is the “Nop” (joining one’s hands together in a praying gesture at chin level). Handshakes are also commonly used among male friends and with foreign visitors
- Dress neatly and conservatively when visiting religious shrines or temples
- Take your shoes off before entering a Lao person’s home and leave them outside the house or on the stairs
- Do not show the bottom of your feet, touch someone with your feet, or relax with your feet raised up on the table is these actions are considered extremely rude in Laos culture
- Do not touch people on the head unless you are close friends
- Never walk into someone's home with your shoes on
- Physical displays of affection, kissing, even hugging in public is considered impolite
- Females should never touch monks or novices, though talking to them is fine
- Do not take photos of people unless you ask them first, especially in temples and hill tribe villages
- Stepping over someone on your path is very impolite, similarly stepping over food is disgusting and some Lao won’t eat the food that has been stepped over.

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