Mai Chau

Mai Chau

 Area:                 520

 Population:     48,570 million

 Language:       Vietnamese

 Currency:         VND

Mai Chau terrain is quite complex and fragmented by the system of streams and high mountains. Based on terrain characteristics, the region can be divided into two distinct areas, such as lowland and highland. Moreover, it has formed a system of grassroots cultural institutions including libraries, post offices and mass art team in almost villages.
Mai Chau Overview
Mai Chau is an upland district in the northwest of Hoa Binh province in North Vietnam. It has been famous for community-based tourism and eco tour recently. It is also a nice stop for Vietnam family tour and Vietnam cultural tour.

Some traditional festivals in Mai Chau were encouraged to restore and maintain, which aims to improve the spiritual life of people and contribute to preserving nation's cultural heritages. At present, It is a nice destination for Vietnam trekking and hill tribe tours
Mai Chau History
Mai Chau formerly called Muong Mai was formed in the thirteenth century. Since the French colonial period, Mai Chau has belonged to Cho Bo, Muong Hoa Binh province.

On October 1890, Mai Chau and Da Bac consolidated into Mai Da, and after the victory of the French resistance, on 21 September 1956, the Prime Minister signed a decree dividing Mai Da district into 2 districts, namely Mai Chau district and Da Bac district.
Mai Chau climate and best time to visit
Mai Chau climate is markedly influenced by the northwest monsoon, so it has two distinct seasons in one year. Rainy season is from May to October, and dry season starts from November to April with the dry climate, low humidity, fog and freezing drizzle.

June to September, it has the monsoon with stronger breezes and higher humidity. The temperatures are warmer in this time, varying between 25°C and 35°C.

Sunny weather, October-November, and February-May are the best times to go; in addition, in December, January and sometimes February too, the weather can get pretty chilly.

It is possible to come to Mai Chau all year round, but the best period is from September to April of next year when it doesn't rain much and this weather is perfect for Mai Chau trekking tour. The best time to take a Mai Chau travel tour is from September, October, and November to early December
Mai Chau Transportation
It takes 4 hours to drive to Mai Chau from Hanoi by coach. There are several start times throughout the day with the cost of 80,000 Vietnamese dongs.

A public bus can be easily found from My Dinh or Ha Dong bus station. Departs in every 30 minutes from Hanoi (costs 10 USD per person). Make sure you ask for drop off point of Tong Dau on Highway 6 then from here you can catch a motor taxi to Mai Chau which few km away.

Private transfer is the most common way for tourist as you can stop anywhere you like. Refreshment and photos are worth for few stop along the way. Please contact our sales if you need such transfer. 
Things to do and see in Mai Chau
The most interesting activity in here is visiting remote villages which still keep own authenticity and peace. There is a chance to experience the stunning scenery (waterfall, tea plantations, paddy rice fields and jungle-clad limestone mountains), and learn another edge of Vietnam cultural tours as well as try to local lifestyle. 
The second thing must do is taking a Mai Chau trekking tour to enjoy yourself in putting footprints in less visited parts of the region.

Of course, it is a nice idea to enjoy one cycling tour going around Mai Chau to discover stunning views with its close proximity to lush rice paddies and plenty of villages, as well as to learn more about the local hill people.
Mai Chau Travel Tips
Homestay condition is basic. Mattresses and mosquito nets are provided; it is better to bring along good walking shoes, raincoats, jackets, torch, insect repellent, and sunscreen. In the evening, you should communicate with villagers who can help to organize traditional dance performance at a reasonable price.
Please note:
- There is no available ATM in Mai Chau, it is better to bring Vietnam Dong cash on you
- Internet connection: it only uses 3G network with a Vietnamese Sim card or go to Lac 1 village to access the Internet
- Personal Stuff: passport, clothes, sunglasses & hat, sun cream, sunblock, insect repellent, flashlights, good shoes, personal first aid kit & medicines, VND for personal expense
- If you want to buy your personal stuff like toothbrush, toothpaste, and others, you have to spend about 10-15 minutes on foot or by bicycle
- Homestay don’t have to air-condition
- Hire a bicycle and explore the scenic and peaceful countryside
- Take a long or short trek through the valley and paddy fields
- Chat with the local minority people over a cup of tea
- Have a go at bargaining for traditional textiles without having to experience the hard sell.

    Discover the nature beauty and exotic cultures of Vietnam's hill tribes, The Mai Chau day tours take you to enjoy breathtaking scenery, immerse in wonders of Mai Chau. Take a biking tour around the villages and stay at White Thai family homestay.
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    Mai Chau trip is a great moment for you to explore authentic Vietnam countryside life experience about custom and culture of a region. Mai Chau trekking tour visits many tribal villages of the ethnic minority groups, rice paddy fields through mountainous village paths and stays overnight and tasting local traditional foods.
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    3 days northern culture tour is a way to move from the countryside to hill tribe villages where a unique culture of ethnic minority groups displays profoundly. And all beauty of old Vietnam still preserves in small villages.
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