Mrs. Victoria from Miami, Florida
Mrs. Victoria from Miami, Florida
Friday, January 22, 2016
Terrific Service by Go Indochina Tours
We had a truly wonderful experience with Amega Travel/Go Indochina Tours. We worked with Thao (Americanized name "Catherine"), who simply could not have been more helpful, efficient, and delightful to work with. We used the company for "private" tours (consisting of our own group of 4 friends) in Hanoi, Saigon, the Mekong Delta, and Cambodia (Siem Reap) -- but Thao's help went way beyond those four places: booking a hotel for us in Phuket for a better rate than we could get ourselves, filling us in on touring and logistical options in Burma and Thailand, giving us feedback about her own and others' experiences in different places we were traveling -- you name it, she helped.

In Hanoi, even though she herself was not the "tour guide," she came to the hotel in the evening to see us, and then took us first to a pharmacy to get a wrist bandage for an injured traveler, and then to the phone store to translate for us while we tried to get our phone communications set up. She was even prepared to take us to the hospital if necessary (fortunately, it wasn't).

During the preparation period, she gave us contact information for travelers who had used her company before and then bent over backward to connect us with the tour guides we requested based on those recommendations. When we didn't know who to ask for, and expressed concern about making sure each guide's English was clear enough to be helpful to us (we used different guides in different locations), she actually gave us the contact information for several recommended guides in Siem Reap and invited us to call them and chat with them to judge for ourselves. 

Interestingly, because of the way our trip was set up and the plans of the people we were traveling with, we had the opportunity to use two other well-known and highly respected companies during our 5-week trip -- one in the North and middle of Vietnam, and another in Burma. Thus we were able to compare, and still felt that Thao and the guides provided everything we could ask for.

One guide, in Hanoi, was below the level of the others, but we set that up at the last minute and our preferred guide wasn't available; and if you ask Thao, she'll know who we were a little disappointed with and can connect you with someone else instead. Our guides in Saigon and Siem Reap were excellent (we missed out on the Mekong Delta trip because of illness) -- the guide in Saigon (Mr. Minh, recommended by a prior traveler) even took two of us to the medical clinic to take care of an injury, and then ran back and forth between the other couple (whom he was taking to various other sites) and back to the two of us, to make sure we were well taken care of until we were able to rejoin the others.

And Thao kept in touch with us while we were traveling through Vietnam (including when we were with the other companies) and in Siem Reap, and even after that to help us with our plans in Burma and Thailand. In sum, you couldn't ask for more dedication and efficiency, or for a more enjoyable or helpful coordinator to communicate with. We felt like someone "had our backs" and would protect and guide us through any difficulties we encountered during the whole time we were there.

Feel free to send your comments about our tour quality and services. We would love to hear from your contribution to improve and make it is better for our next clients. Thank for your beloved comment to Go Indochina Tours!
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