Myeik is a town in Tanintharyi Division in the southern part of Mynamar and has a small seaport.Myeik is the largest city in Tanintharyi division . It is a very important town in Myanmar. It is also the coastal capital of Coastal Command in the 2000s. The town is close to the sea, so the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. The area of Myeik is 7783 square miles. As of 2014, the estimated population was over seven lakh. The majority of people are Myanmar and are Buddhists. The minority ethnic groups are Karen, Mon, Burmese Indian, Burmese Chinese.
Myeik Overview
Situated on a peninsula jutting out into the Andaman Sea, the town of Myeik has been a busy and strategically significant port for over 500 years. Previously known as Mergui (and still sometimes referred to by that name), it retains a number of colonial-era buildings on its characterful, meandering back streets. 
Unlike sleepy Mawlamyine, Myeik’s harbour is a hive of activity, with hundreds of fishing boats of differing sizes arriving and departing from their work in the vast Myeik Archipelago, which can be found stretching far out to the south and west. Most of these islands can only be accessed by foreigners on organised tours, which sail from Myeik (shorter trips) and Kawthaung (multi-day live aboard trips).

Myeik History
Myeik was the southernmost part of the Pagan Kingdom between the 11th and 13th centuries. After the Pagan Empire's collapse in 1287, Myeik became part of successive Thai kingdoms from the late 13th century to the middle of 18th century: first the Sukhothai Kingdom and later the Ayutthaya Kingdom. A brief period of Burmese rule interrupted this between 1564–93.
From the 16th century on, the city was an important seaport and trading center with the Europeans, who would land at Mergui, travel upriver to Tenasserim and then cross the mountains to reach Ayutthaya. The French officer Chevalier de Beauregard was made Governor of the city of Myeik after the Anglo-Siamese war (1687) that resulted in the English being expelled from Siam.[3] De Beauregard was named Governor by Narai, the king of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, replacing an Englishman, Samuel White.[4] The French were then expelled from Myeik following the Siamese revolution of 1688.
The Burmese captured Myeik in 1765 as part of an invasion that would ultimately topple the Ayutthaya kingdom in 1767. In 1826, the Burmese ceded the region to the British after the First Anglo-Burmese War (1824–1826).
In the Pacific Theater of World War IIImperial Japanese forces used laborers to construct the Mergui Road to aid their retreat after rail line were destroyed by Allied bombings.
Myeik climate and best time to visit
Myeik has 2 types of climates prevailing, namely the tropical monsoon climate and tropical savanna climate. The average annual temperature for Myeik is 30° degrees.
The best time to visit Myeik in Myanmar is from January until April and November and December, when you will have a warm temperature and limited till little rainfall. The highest average temperature in Myeik is 31°C in february and the lowest is 28°C in july. 

Myeik Transportation

How to get Myeik:

By Air:
Myanma Airways has daily flights, and Air Bagan  has 3 flights per week, from Yangon. Myanma Airways flights (typically once a week) from Mawlamyine and Kawthoung may also be available - check locally at the local Myanma Airways office.

Air KBZ has daily flights during the tourist high season (beginning October to end of April) which fly from Yangon to Kawthoung (and return) stopping in Dawei and Myeik. Prices for the Myeik to Kawthoung leg start at around USD50.

By boat

The express ferry boat from Dawei/Kawthaung stopped it services in December 2015 due the lack of demand. The local customers prefer the travel by road.

By Bus


From Yanggon Aung Mingalar bus station, 4-5 buses per day starting at 5 a.m. 20000 kyat (October 2015)

The road to Dawei is now open for foreigners. The bus costs about MYK8,000 and takes 7-8 hours for the 200 km journey. Mini van service is available for MYK 10,000, 6 hrs.

Things to do and see in Myeik

Thein Dawgyi Pagoda
Theindawgyi is not only a magnificent pagoda by itself but also it allows for a mesmerizing view from all directions. It stands atop a ridge so it’s quite a climb up there. There are several ways to climb to the pagoda. Our favorite is from the Grand Jade Hotel because it’s relatively easier path.
Facing west, the pagoda is overlooking the serene harbor, water and islands in the horizon. If you look to the east, you can enjoy a view of the city’s streets and markets.
The pagoda itself bears the mark of great ancient architecture. Its interior displays a variety of Buddha statues, including a large one at the center.

Bodhisatta Wai Thandaya King History

Bodhisatta Wai Thandaya King History is situated within Paya Ngar Hsuu monastery (also Buddhism school). The story is written only in Burmese. You might use a guide to translate for you. It is about the king offering his son, daughter and white elephant to a Brahmin for aid in becoming a Buddha. That history is carved in concrete in statues.

Moken Islands
An hour and a half away from the jetty, the Surin islands is the home of Mokens. The Mokens are indigenous people who lived in the Andaman Sea for thousands of years.
More recently, many Mokens are converting from their nomadic lifestyle and settling on the islands. They still depend on the sea for their livelihood because of their unique understanding of the coral reef.
Visit the Moken villages to see what this tribe is all about! And let the beauty of the island accompany you meanwhile.

Thayaw Thahan Kyi Island
This island is not far from the Moken village. There are local markets on this island. You can have seafood for lunch from the beach-side shops.
This is a good place to relax and just think in silence. You can go for a swim here too. But for an unforgettable underwater experience, we recommend you check out the next place on our list.

Smart Island
The Smart Island will welcome you ashore with its lush blue shade of clear water. On this island, there are more opportunities to explore the sea. You can go swimming. You can snorkel your way into the rich underwater life of the coral reef.
Or you can simply stand by and watch the waves hit the shore. A truly enriching and de-stressing experience awaits you at the Smart Island of Myeik.

Myeik Travel Tips
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