Performing Arts claws of artisan handmade pottery village of Bat Trang

Update: 21/01/2016
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In the framework of the Fair arts and crafts Dome 2016 Year 2016 dated 17.01.2015, in Downtown Hang Da, Hanoi took place Demonstration program handmade ceramic art claws Bat Trang artisans of Pham Anh Dao.

Pham Anh Dao artisan is swipe pottery

Swipe ceramics by hand is a characteristic of art in the production of ceramic products. This is a ceramic shaping method without the support of the mold, printers, presses, each ceramic products generated will not be the same.

Bat Trang is a traditional village famous for ceramic products. Bat Trang pottery with enamel exquisite ivory, opaque and prone type Pattern Description of Bat Trang are customers appreciate in art. Therefore, Bat Trang ceramics have very high economic value, stored in several museums in the country.
The claw handmade ceramics artisan Pham Anh Dao of Tet Dome in 2016

Previously, Bat Trang pottery village famous for its handmade pottery claw. From the 90s of last century, to meet the trend of industrialization, Bat Trang has gradually shifted to ceramic production by machines, high productivity while maintaining the softness, exquisite ceramics Bat Trang.

Family artisan Pham Anh Dao is one of the family of Bat Trang ceramic production continues according to traditional methods. This has contributed to enrich producing pottery village of Bat Trang, attract more tourists to visit, learn how to make pottery, especially international visitors.

Artisan Ceramic claws guidance for visitors

Events handmade ceramic claw demonstration of artisan Pham Anh Dao was held at the Festival Dome in 2016 to contribute to preserving the character of traditional handicraft ceramic production and introduction of ceramic production processes to claw hand wider public. At the event, participants and visitors had the opportunity to interact with the artist Pham Anh Dao, learn the process of creating ceramic products handmade by the turntable, ceramic hand-brushed under the direction of art ring…
Pham Anh Dao artisan born in 1977 in the family tradition of handmade pottery in Bat Trang Village, Gia Lam, Hanoi. In 2006 he is honored to receive the title of the Capital Youth representative; Winning the contest for excellence in pottery gold hand 2006. In 2009, Pham Anh Dao was honored in Congress Vietnam young talents; 10 young faces Capital 2009. 10/2010, received certificates of merit of skilled maneuvers contests, artisans and skilled craftsmen 1000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi. In 2012, won the title of Hanoi Artisan.

News, Photo: Thu Thuy
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