Pindaya is a town in the Shan State of Burma. It is located in the west of the state in Pindaya Township in Taunggyi District. Mainly famous for its limestone caves called Pindaya Caves where thousands of Buddha images have been consecrated for worship over the centuries, it is also one of the towns that host an itinerant market every fifth day.
Pindaya Overview
Pindaya is located 45km away from Kalaw. There’s a lot of beautiful landscape to be taken in when travelling from Kalaw to Pindaya. The latter is famous for its limestone caves as well as temples, Danu Village and pagodas.
The Pindaya cave has a length is 490 feet long and is said to have existed for the past 200 million years and is 5,000 metres above sea level. All the sculpture work, carvings and paintings inside these caves are of Lord Buddha and were created by hand by his worshippers.
The maze inside the cave is at its highest point and is mostly used by visitors to pose next to for photographs. A pagoda festival is celebrated at the base of Pindaya Hill which is lined with huge banyan trees. One of the villages of Danu is known as Hgnatpyawtaw and is a popular tourist destination.
At the base of Pindaya Hill is Singaung Monastery, a century old teakwood building which also has a lacquered-bamboo Buddha image. Ponetaloke Lake is another popular attraction at Pindaya.
Pindaya History
Behind Pindaya Cave is a legend, which local residents usually shared. Once upon a time there were seven princesses took a bath in the Pontaloke Lake. Then they took a rest in Pindaya Cave. At this time, the Giant Spider captured them and the prince picked all of the princesses up from the cave by killing Spider.
Moreover, there was another myth that once there was a canal in this cave which everyone could directly access to Bagan. One day, a young monk with two dogs proceeded to Bagan by using this canal. But none of them could reach Bagan and return to Pindaya. Therefore, people assumed that they passed away. They also suggested that there may have dangerous animals. Finally, they decided to restrict the canal so as not to pass through.
Pindaya climate and best time to visit
The Pindaya lies on 1200m above sea level The climate in Pindaya is warm and temperate. The summers here have a good deal of rainfall, while the winters have very little. 

The autumn is the best time to enjoy the natural scenery around Pindaya as well as discover all the mysteries here. At this ‘’golden’’ time, from October to February, the sky is clear, there is no or very little rain, the air is not too cold during the day, the trees and nature are also more beautiful. Therefore, it is very suitable for sightseeing and exploration activities.
Pindaya Transportation
By plane: 
You just need to book a flight to Heho airport, which is about 30 km from Pindaya, then continue to take a taxi to move to the caves.

By bus:
Buses are a popular public transport in Myanmar thanks to the comfort, good quality, and inexpensive costs. So many tourists prefer to choose this means to move to Inle lake, then Pindaya. There are many travel agent in this country will help you to check price and book a ticket such as,,…
By train:
Although this is a much slower way to travel than buses and planes, many people still choose to take the train to see the scenery of the two sides passing slowly. This will be an unforgettable experience for tourists when visiting Myanmar, in case you have a lot of time.

Things to do and see in Pindaya
Pindaya Cave & Shwe Oo Min Natural Cave Pagoda
Located next to the town of Pindaya, Pindaya Cave is the most dramatic attraction in Pindaya where houses over 8000 images of Buddha line the rocky shelves and stalagmite altars. It’s beautiful and stretches to nearly 200 meters into the hillsides. To enter the cave, tourists have to walk through the Shwe Oo Min Pagoda which attracts visitors with two large spider statues guarding at the entrance. The pagoda is well-known with the legend of a prince who killed the spider inside Shwe Oo Min cave to save seven princesses who were trapped by the spider web. The story said that after killing the spider, the prince shouted “Pinku Ya-Pyi”, which means “I have got the spider”. It has passed through over the centuries and then changed to “Pindaya”.
Each of the Buddha image in the cave is unique and are in different sizes. No one knows exactly when did all the images exist, but the oldest one is believed to be date back to the 18th century.
Annually, the Pindaya Pagoda festival takes place at the full moon day of Tabaung (8th of March). It’s an occasion to witness the timeless tradition in the region which has been passed through generation to generation in the countryside of Myanmar. If you are a cultural enthusiast, don’t miss this chance to visit Pindaya this time to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the festival.
Visit Shan Paper and Umbrella Workshop
If you want to get the first-hand experience of the traditional production of Pindaya, don’t miss this experience! Discover the Shan paper and umbrella making is another great thing to do in Pindaya. From the raw mulberries barks, the skillful artisans have processed and created into the beautiful paper with attractive flower designed. Upon here, you will discover that everything is made by hand from the paper to the famous Burmese parasols.
Hsin Khaung Taung Kyaung Temple
The gorgeous temple of Hsin Khaung Taung Kyaung can be found along the way downhill from Pindaya Cave on the dirt path to Pone Taloke Lake. It’s a 200-year-old and made of teak wood in traditional Shan style. Inside the temple, you can see a bronze and bamboo Buddha image.
Pone Taloke Lake
Lie very close to the Shwe Oo Min Cave, Pone Taloke Lake is what to next in Pindaya. It is a good place for those who want to take a short break on the way back from the cave to the town. The beautiful lake-wide 81.12 area. Have a sit on the lake shore and listen to the story from your guide about the legend of seven angles and the love story with the human is an amazing experience that you should try when you are in Pindaya.
Kan Tu Kyaung Temple
Take a walk toward the north of Pone Taloke Lake, Kan Tu Kyang Temple is an interesting destination to visit in Pindaya. The temple features some heavily restored stupas and a fin teak kyaung (Burmese Buddhist monastery) and noted for a large collection of antique Buddha images on ornate plinths.
Pindaya Trekking
Last but not least, it would be a big mistake if we skip this experience out of the top things to do in Pindaya. Pindaya’s magnificent limestone and spectacular view making it one of the best routes for Myanmar trekking tours. It offers you an amazing off the beaten track trek to explore the region’s natural beauty and visit some local village to gaze out at their simple daily life, meet some minorities and learn about their unique custom and tradition.
Pindaya Travel Tips
The one-time price for a visit to thesecaves is US $3 /person, and the camera fee is about 300 kyats.
Like other temples in Myanmar, when visiting this sacred site, you should dress politely, speak quietly and avoid teasing each other.
The people here do not burn incense in the Pindaya cave, the only possesty that you can bring is fresh flowers.
Don’t forget to buy souvenirs at the outside the temple gate to retain memories about this interesting tourist attraction.
To serve the needs of tourists, there are also many restaurants according to the traditional architecture of Myanmar with very beautiful, airy space. Here, you can try the typical dishes of this area with good price.
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