TP. HCM brilliant calm color flowers for Tet 2016

Update: 21/01/2016
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At the annual Lunar New Year, to the City. Ho Chi Minh City, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant street painting with color thousand flowers all blooming, which notably Nguyen Hue Flower Street was first held in 2004 to meet Tet Giap Than the needs of sightseeing, recreation of city residents as well as domestic and foreign tourists every Tet to Spring.

Nguyen Hue Flower Street Perspective 2016 (Photo Source: VnExpress)

With the theme of "City. Ho Chi Minh City - Peace, Prosperity and Development "Nguyen Hue Flower Street in 2016 will open a day earlier than last year and lasted 8 days, from 5 - 12/2 (27 December year Ất Hare to calm 5th Year).

After a year move through Ham Nghi street (to build pedestrian street Nguyen Hue), 2016, Flower Street Festival was held calmly back on Nguyen Hue Street with a length of about 720m, starting from Le Thanh Ton Street to Ton Duc Thang Street, which, in the section from the intersection of Le Loi - Nguyen Hue to Ton Duc Thang will be divided into three segments with the theme: Unity - Peace; Dynamic - Creation and Integration - Prosperity.

Mascot of Nguyen Hue Flower Street in 2016 as family monkeys were placed at the center of roadside flowers, the center is contemporary scene "United solidarity" colorful. Throughout the length of the two sides is the great flower scene, landscape with hundreds of flowers are arranged in the "Prism of flowers", "Wheel of flowers", "Convergence States" ... to show solidarity and overflow full of energy of a dynamic city. These miniatures are stylized from the pattern on the Dong Son bronze drum, showing strong vitality of the people of Vietnam. Flower Street also arranged benches (which is part of the university, miniatures) in its "Rhythm flower wave" so visitors can take a break in the journey to admire the flower street, and have a chance to save the memorable moments with family and friends on the occasion of Tet.

Besides, Uncle Ho statue area (previously MPC headquarters. Ho Chi Minh City) are also arranged 36 pot tomorrow, which, 18 pots placed either side of the path toward creating monumental Uncle, 18 pots also arranged behind the monument brings color typical Spring Festival of the South. Guests will also have the opportunity to reminisce way Uncle Ho went through in the journey to find a way to save water and the picture shows the achievements that TP. Ho Chi Minh City has made in recent years in an exhibit on Flower Street.

One of the special features of this year's Nguyen Hue Flower Street is the exhibition of 15 large sculptures with many different materials. These works were awarded at Camp International Sculpture City. Ho Chi Minh in 2015 which took place in December last.

Nguyen Hue Flower Street scene ends with the great "Spring Prosperity" to convey wishes all people to live in fresh natural space.

In addition, the 12-year anniversary of the organization Nguyen Hue Flower Street (2004-2016), the campus will take place flower street performances art lighting, street festival, which promises to bring many surprises interesting for citizens and tourists. Besides, the Organizing Committee will also organize art exhibitions plug, trimmed flowers and vegetables visual arts in the region, "Happy Spring", while laying two large LED screen on Nguyen Hue to regularly screened most memorable images of the Tet Flower Street for 12 years.

Nguyen Hue Flower Street has become the cultural characteristics of "Saigon Tet", the festival activities indispensable for the people of the city. Ho Chi Minh and tourists every Tet comes, Spring. The event usually attracts more than 1 million visitors at each festival.
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